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Business Seminars Language Lessons

JM&C provides a wide variety of seminars to develop and enhance business skills. Our seminars are flexible, affordable and offer an excellent opportunity to progress your career. We can also create tailor-made business seminars to suit specific learning needs, so please contact us for more information.

Confidence Building

Build confidence through delivering persuasive presentations, making key decisions, and asking for and giving clarification.

Conflict Resolution

Gain competency to clarify conflict, speak diplomatically, behave effectively, manage employees, and interact with superiors.

Cross-Cultural Awareness and Communication

Understand and apply cross cultural theory to communicate more effectively in a global setting.


Master core skills of debating such as expressing, supporting, and organizing opinions, refuting explanations, challenging support, and debating an opinion.


Improve your scores by enriching your vocabulary and grammar and increasing your test taking strategies.

E-mail Etiquette and Business Writing

Develop skills and techniques to write more effective and efficient E-mails and documents in a professional environment.

Hospitality and Tourist Industry

Develop English communication skills to provide high quality service to international visitors.

Leadership and Team Building

Develop logical tactics and strategies through making short presentations, initiating discussions, and simulating meetings and negotiations.

Logical Thinking

Develop logical tactics and strategies through making short presentations, initiating discussions, and simulating meetings and negotiations.

Mastering Pronunciation

Communicate more easily with clearer English focusing on pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation.

Meetings and Discussions

Improve the effectiveness of your meeting and discussion skills to facilitate through planning, collaboration, and consensus.

Pre-Overseas Training

Acquire necessary language and cultural skills to travel and move abroad to conduct business confidently.

Professional Presentations

Refine and improve your face-to-face presentation skills with confidence and style.

Speaking & Listening

Learn how to express ideas clearly, concisely, and confidently while enhancing active listening skills.

Win-Win Negotiations

Acquire knowledge of basic rules such as preparing, setting the agenda, establishing positions, clarifying positions, managing conflict, making and responding to proposals, and bargaining.

JM&C specializes in providing short-term and long-term language lessons for all levels with the aim of helping to improve communication skills. Our lessons are taught by experienced teachers in a friendly and professional environment. We can also provide language lessons that are not listed, so please contact us for more information.

Japanese Language

We currently teach over 100 different Japanese language lessons online and face-to-face to assist those who live, work, or study in Japan and want to increase their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. We can also help with daily conversation, business Japanese, and JLPT (N1-N5) preparation.

English Language

Our longest running language lessons are provided for all levels from beginner to advanced in an individual and group style format. Whether you want to study daily conversation, business or professional English, TOEIC preparation, or for academic purposes, we can help you!

Other Languages

We can provide a range of other language lessons such as:

・Chinese ・ Korean ・ French ・ Portuguese ・ German

・Spanish ・ Indonesian ・ Thai ・ Italian ・ Vietnamese

Japan Management & Communication Business Seminars & Language Lessons

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