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Business Skill Seminars Language Training Programs

JM&C provides a range of communication course aimed at business professionals. Some of our popular program topics include email writing, meeting facilitation and giving presentations. Our programs offer you the flexibility you need in terms of scheduling and also the specific skills you want to work on.

Email & Writing Course

We provide you with Email writing training and techniques you can use immediately. Our shortest course is one full day of training.

Business English Presentation Course

Learn how to give effective, professional presentations in flawless business English. You will learn a range of techniques for quickly boosting your presentation skills.

Meeting Facilitation Course

If you would like to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your meeting skills in English then this course is for you. This is one of our most highly subscribed courses.

English Pronunciation Course

This course will teach you how to communicate more easiy with clearer English pronunication skills. Clear communication is essential for business and travel. You will focus on pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation.

Basic English Course

This basic course is for people who lack confidence when communicating in English. Our experienced teachers will help you to build natural English speaking skills and confidence in communicating in an international environment.

English for the Tourist Industry

This course is aimed at those who need English for the service and tourist industry in Japan. If you or your staff deal with English speaking foreigners on a daily basis this course is for you.

Eiken & TOEIC Course

This course is designed to help you significantly improve your TOEIC and Eiken scores. Study with highly experienced teachers who can teach you the language and strategies for quickly improving your scores and English communication skills.

Pre-Departure Overseas Course

This course prepares participants who are moving to a new country for work. You will not only study language skills but also the culture of the country you are moving to. JM&C has a lot of experience helping people like you to settle into their new overseas posting.

English Speaking & Listening Course

This course will help you to improve both your speaking and listening skills. It will help you to speak more smoothly with confidence and improve your ability to comprehend what is being said.

Language Training at JM&C

In an ever globalised business world the ability to speak a 2nd or 3rd language is a must. We provide language training for the following languages: Japanese, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian and Korean.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We are happy to create tailor made courses for your specific needs.

It is a recommended program when the business environment changes such as "I have decided to work overseas", "I came to Japan for the first time at work", and when I need to learn languages and lifestyle. JM & C's language training is not limited to English and Japanese. German, Portuguese, Chinese and so on according to the needs of the company.

Japanese Language Course

We provide language training for people who want to learn Japanese for business and daily life in Japan. You can also learn about Japanese culture to more deeply understand the language.

*All classes take place at JM&C


Group Lessons


4 people

16 lesson package: only 2,250 yen per person for 90 minutes


3 people

16 lesson package: only 3,000 yen per person for 90 minutes


2 people

16 lesson package: only 4,000 yen per person for 90 minutes


*Payment is required in advance and does not include tax

*Textbook prices are not included

*No registration fees

*Qualified Japanese language instructors

*Flexible schedule

*You can choose your class members


Private Lessons

16 lesson package: only 7,500 yen for 90 minutes


*Payment is required in advance and does not include tax

*Textbook prices are not included

*No registration fees

*Qualified Japanese language instructors

*Flexible schedule


For more information about intensive and corporate Japanese lessons, please contact jmc@jconcept.co.jp

English Course

We provide various courses including English for business, the tourism industry and general conversation to name a few.

German Language Course

We provide German language and cultural studies for professionals soon to be stationed in Germany for work. Let out native German teachers assist you with your transition to Germany.

Portuguese Language Course

We provide Portuguese training for professionals involved in manufaturing and IT who want to do business in Brazil and Portugal.

Chinese Language Course

Being able to speak Chinese is becoming an increasingly necessary skill when doing business in the Asia Pacific region. Our native Chinese teachers will teach you the language and cultural understanding for you travel and business needs.

Please contact to find out more about the above courses.

Japan Management & Communication Business Skills Seminars & Language Training

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