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◆What is JM&C?

JM&C provides high quality training services for companies to meet the various challenges and objectives of their customers.


  • Business English training and training in other languages
  • Cross-cultural training and local life counselling prior to overseas assignment.
  • Japanese language training for foreign employees transferred from abroad.
  • Business skills training



◆JM&C's training strong points

  1. Optimizing curriculums and course settings aimed at solving customers' problems.
  2. Setting the stage for global activities by deepening understanding of customs and culture as well as language by setting goals.
  3. Support from dedicated consultants who focus on the output of the students.



◆Features of training


Various language support

Courses at a variety of levels from beginners to advanced students


High-quality teachers for a wide range of languages

Experienced teachers with specialized qualifications


Flexible curriculum

Flexible curriculum based on requests from clients or students.


Best quality and price

Optimum quality along with cost.



◆Main training courses

Multiple language lessons

JM&C offers short- and long-term language lessons to improve the communication skills of students at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

A wide range of languages are available, including English, Chinese, Korean, French, German and Indonesian.

The level of the student is assessed in advance, and the teaching materials are selected according to the student's level and goals.

Lessons are taught by teachers with a wealth of experience in corporate training, using the teacher's original supplementary materials or that of JM&C.


Business skill seminars

JM&C offers a range of seminars to cultivate and strengthen business skills.

We deliver content tailored to the needs of companies looking to support self-development and human resource improvement for their employees.

These are customized business seminars to meet your needs.

For more information, please contact us.


Cross-cultural training

The aim is to enhance interpersonal understanding and communication skills in a global business environment. The focus is also to master the communication skills essential for business, such as effective and smooth information exchange, negotiation, expression of opinions and proposals, without cultural friction or misunderstanding. (For Japanese employees, non-Japanese employees, multinational teams, etc.)


Lifestyle counselling

We give information on the area prior to an overseas assignment. The aim is to provide the student basic culture and living know-how of the destination country so that they and their family can live overseas without any worries.

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