Meeting Facilitation Seminar

Meeting facilitation seminar


Meeting facilitation seminar

Why study how to lead meetings in English? One reason is overcoming the frustration many professions feel when attempting to take part in global meetings.

According to our research, our clients cite the following top 5 difficulties when participating in meetings in English.

  1. It is really hard to understand everything that is being said in English
  2. I sometimes feel lost during meetings and don’t know how to participate actively
  3. I have difficulty expressing my opinion clearly in English
  4. Meetings in English are stressful
  5. Communication gets confusing in multicultural business meetings


With these frustrations in mind, JM&C have designed a meetings facilitation course to help you overcome these problems and work more effectively in a global business environment.


Objectives and benefits of the course

The main goals of this course are summarized as follows:

  1. To build effective communication skills for improved information sharing during meetings
  2. To learn how to express your ideas and opinions, simply, clearly, logically and effectively in English
  3. To learn how to effectively manage difficult to understand discussions
  4. To learn skills for facilitating meetings and making decisions in teams

These skills will give you the necessary tools to get the best out of your meetings and attain your shared goals more effectively in less time.

Skills you will learn on this seminar

  • How to effectively structure and organize meetings
  • The art of chairing and facilitating a meeting
  • Eliciting and giving opinions in a productive and positive manner
  • Managing discussions and conflict in a multicultural environment
  • Useful English vocabulary related to meetings, discussions and debates
  • Troubleshooting problems during teleconferences

Course duration

This is a modular course which allows you to study when and in the manner you would like. We commonly offer the option of either a one day or two day seminar. Also, meetings facilitation lesson modules can be integrated into regular long term business skills courses depending on your needs. For more information, please contact us here.

Learning methodology and course flow

Our experienced leadership instructors use a three stage learning process to encourage maximum performance among participants outlined below:

Stage one: Introduction

Skills, techniques and leadership theory or presented either as a lecture or in a discussion to ascertain participants’ current knowledge and skill level.

Stage two: Practice

Participants practice skills and techniques using a range of exercises including discussion, business case studies, question and answer sessions and presentations.

Stage 3: Production

Participants demonstrate level of understanding and ability to perform skills and techniques through role plays and simulation exercises. They are given feedback from peers and the instructor on performance with advice for further improvement.

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