Business Japanese Advanced Course

Business Japanese Advanced Course


  1. To grasp communication skills in order to handle different business situations.
  2. To reinforce business related terms and Kanji
  3. To gain effective business language for meeting, discussions, presentations and negotiations.
  4. To deepend understanding of Japanese business manners, customs and etiquette.
  5. To improve reading business documents and memos.


  1. Business communication: simulation, role-plays, rehearsals, etc.
  2. Case study and discussion : identifying main points, problem solving.
  3. Presentation of previously assigned topics.
  4. Practice reading and writing business documents and memos.
  5. Systematic vocabulary building exercises.
  6. Student feedback will be reflected in subsequent lessons.

Our Instructors

  • Have served in global companies as presidents, directors or managers.
  • Are bilinguals (Japanese and English).
  • Have great experience teaching Japanese to foreign business executives.
  • Hold Certificate of Teaching Japanese as a Second Language.
  • Possess familiarity with variety of educational materials and own original materials.
  • Are proud to be reliable JM&C Japanese instructors.


Original educational materials for corporate people, supplementary business Japanese texts, financial newspapers and journals.

Flexible Class Structure

10% Presentation of previously assigned topics
20% Business simulations (meetings, presentations)
10% Role-plays
20% Business vocabulary building
20% Case study and discussion
10% Reading exercises(documents and memos)
10% Review and student feedback.

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