Business English Presentation Course

Giving presentations


For those wanting to effectively communicate their ideas on a global stage, JM&C offer a range of professional presentation training seminars tailored to the needs of your organization and staff.

Giving presentations is one of the most effective ways to improve overall business English communication due to the wide range of skills it covers: voice training, pronunciation, presentation vocabulary and phraseology, body language, public speaking, confidence, inter-cultural communication and more. Our presentation courses are highly recommended for all students of English regardless of their level as general must-do business training.

The following main topics are covered in our presentation courses:

Presentation skills you will learn

  • Structuring your presentation for maximum impact
  • How to present visual data –  the dos and don’ts
  • Body language and voice training
  • Using logic to present convincing arguments

Communication strategies you will learn

  • Overcoming your fear of question and answer sessions
  • Voicing your opinion
  • Interrupting and clarifying information
  • Cultural awareness training

Course Schedules

We offer the following presentation courses:

Topics Covered

1 day seminar

2 day seminar

3 day seminar

– Effective presentation structure
– Basic presentation practice session
– Presenting visual data
– Sales presentations
– Using your voice
– Persuasive logic
– Dealing with Q&A sessions
– Extra presentation practice
– One to one coaching
– Extra tailored topics


We can also prepare 1 week courses and include presentation training into regular long term courses.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to deliver clear, interesting, effective and memorable presentations for both internal company meetings and also for clients.

Our courses are highly flexible and can be tailored to your needs. For more information about 1 day seminars and longer courses please contact us for a full brochure below.

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