Business English Email Writing Seminar in Tokyo

Learn Business Email Writing Skills in English

Business English Email Seminar

Japanese  Business English emails have now become a necessary skill for doing business. We are now running a new series of  seminars which cover professional email writing schools at our school in Hiro, Shibuya, Tokyo.  This seminar will teach you how to read and write emails in English quickly, accurately and with minimal stress.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who lacks confidence in writing business emails in English. If you want to improve your speed, accuracy and effectiveness when writing and reading business emails in English, this seminar is for you. This is best suited to intermediate students of English. (TOEIC ~400 – 600)

Course Contents

In this 4 hour seminar we will cover the following:

  1. Learn how to write accurately in English
  2. Practice levels of politeness and appropriate language for more professional emails
  3. Discover how to speed up reading and writing skills in English
  4. Learn common professional email set phrases and vocabulary

Learn email management techniques to reduce wasted time in order to focus on more important work


Saturday December 17th 2016
 13:00 - 17:00       (4 hours)
JM&C Offices, Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Application deadline: 
Please apply by Friday 30th December 2016
Application method:
Phone: 03-5423-0531

Fax: 03-5423-0580

Target students:
Intermediate English level

(TOEIC ~400 - 600)

More Business English Email Benefits

  1. Due to the small class size of only 6 members you will get more one to one personal coaching from the instructor
  2. You can take away lots of useful email templates and phrase lists for future use and writing lightening quick emails
  3. Get extra advice and feedback for the emails you need for your business needs
  4. Get a full report at the end of course detailing your strengths, weaknesses and advice for further study.
  5. Receive a certificate of completion outlining your new English writing skills


Alex Brooke is from the UK and has over 15 years of teaching business skills seminars in Japan on presentations, business meetings, negotiations, writing skills and cross cultural communication

Business English Email Seminar

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