Basic Japanese Lessons in Japan

Basic Survival Japanese Language Course In Japan

Study Japanese in Japan at JM&C

If you are living in Japan and need to improve your Japanese language skills, JM&C offer the following course which can be tailored to your personal needs and level. Please see the information below for more information and feel free to contact us to receive your free Japanese course brochure.


  1. Gaining language survival skills
  2. Developing general conversational and language skills
  3. Building basic vocabulary and useful phrases
  4. Establishing basic grammatical foundation
  5. Becoming familiar with Japanese manners etiquette, customs and culture


  1. Real-life simulation exercises
  2. Drills in correct usage of grammar and useful expressions
  3. Field work practice
  4. Systematic vocabulary building exercises
  5. Role-plays
  6. Student feedback will be reflected in subsequent lessons

Our Instructors

  • Graduated from top Japanese universities
  • Have experience living abroad
  • Are bilingual (Japanese and English)
  • Have great experience teaching Japanese
  • Hold Certificate of Teaching Japanese as  Second Language
  • Possess familiarity with variety of educational materials and own materials


What Textbooks do you use?

Japanese textbooks

We use a mix of original materials tailored to your needs. We also use the best standard basic Japanese textbooks as used in language departments in Japanese universities. If you have personal preferences for Japanese textbooks, we can also use them.

How long is a typical class?

Typically, classes run from 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on your schedule. However we can also accommodate tailored schedules.

How often are classes held?

We usually hold classes once a week. However it is possible to schedule classes as often as you like depending on your scheduling preference.

How long is this course?

You have total flexibility in choosing your own course length. However our most common course schedules are the following:

3 months ( 18 hours – 12 lessons x 1.5 hours)

6 month ( 36 hours – 24 lessons x 1.5 hours)

Where are Japanese Classes Held?

You have the option of taking Japanese lessons at our school in Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo. Alternatively, we can send a teacher to your home or office is that is more convenient for you.

Typical Class Structure

10% Introduction : Setting up the stage.
20% Listening comprehension exercise.
10% Basic conversation : Daily activities.
20% Role-plays : Simulated situations.
15% Vocabulary building exercises.
15% Drills : Grammar
10% Review and student feedback.

Contact us for further information

TEL: 03-5423-0531

Email: jmcemail

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