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JM&C is a business skills training company. We can provide tailored solutions for your staff training needs. For more information about how JM&C can help your organization, please contact us.

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JM&C Business Skills Training

Japan Management & Communication’s (JM&C) has been training professionals global business skills including Japanese and English since 1985.


We strive to be the leading provider of top-notch management skills training and effective communication and language skills training to corporate clients.


We aim to foster on environment where corporate people have the power to utilize their potential to the fullest. To that end we have put together a series of skills training programs:

≫Exective Business Management
≫Human Resources and Diversity Management
≫MBA-ESL combined programs (English Language at the Management Level For Effective Communication)

We believe in people and their great capacity to cause change. Once in possession of the right skills and knowledge that our training services provide they can effectively contribute to their company’s endeavors to achieve excellence.